Migi Nail Art was launched in Australia about 4 years ago andnow has thousands of happy and enthusiastic users!

The product line was also recently expanded to include a range of amazing liquid eyeliner pens (Migi Velvet Eyliner) with even more fantastic products planned for the future.

What is Migi Nail Art?

Migi nail art pens are a very exciting and unique way to design and create airbrushed style artwork using nail polish in a pen. This allows the user to draw on their own nails, using a patented art tip.

Migi Nail Art has both a brush for painting your nails and an art tip for drawing!!! The secret is in the design of the art tip and the functionality of the plastic squeeze bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle while either dragging or drawing with the pen, this will allow you to create any type of design you desire.

Each Migi Nail Art Kit contains 8 amazing colours of designer nail polish. Each pen comes with a brush and a patented pen tip, and each customer is entitled to FREE REFILLS & REPLACEMENTS (conditions apply, see "Refills" page for full details).

Our design studio will soon be up and running (see the Designs tab above) with amazing examples and step by step instructions on how to complete each one. Customers are also encouraged to send in photographs of their own unique designs.

What is Migi Velvet Liquid Eyeliner?

Velvet Eyeliner is a water based, quick-drying eyeliner which provides a long lasting, smudge-free line that lasts all day without fading. The pens contain a special tapered brush that allows amazing control and the ability to do large thick lines or very fine lines. It is available in many colours.

We have a limited time special introductory offer currently at the following link: Velvet Eyeliner Introductory Offer. Click the link and scroll down the page to find the different offers involving "Velvet Eyeliner".

See below for videos related to Migi Velvet Eyliner for more information.

New Product - "Velvet" The Best Liquid Eyeliner on the Market!

Migi Velvet Review

Migi is Big News!

Stylist David Evangelista from the CBS morning show LOVES Migi Nail Art. The product was recently featured as part of a review of products at the New York Health & Beauty Show:

CLICK HERE to watch clip